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Goodbye my sanity!
Artist: Bobby
Track Name: "I'm Ill (Full ver.)"
Played: 2773 times

I hope winner members would have their own SNS accouts already!! I can’t wait for their cute selcas!!!

Talk about charisma!! They have it!! Cool pose!!
Inner Circle!! is it official??? sounds very elite <3
i definitely want this!!! <3
he is soooo gorgeous!!! :)
how i wish i was there!!!! omg!! it’s such a very nice event!!! kyaaa

cr: winner official facebook page
I can’t contain my feels!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaa! I’m so excited!!


get to know me meme: k-pop edition


5 favorite female groups
5 favorite male groups
3 favorite female subunits
3 favorite male subunits
5 favorite female soloists
5 favorite male soloists
5 favorite female biases
5 favorite male biases
5 favorite performances
5 favorite MVs
5 favorite OTPs
5 favorite concepts